Which Hand Does the Wedding Ring Go On & Other Important Wedding Facts Every Guy Should Know

What hand does a man wear his wedding ring on? Is this the question that's been hovering in your mind for too long now? Well, this blog is here now to answer this question for you. Whether you are already engaged or planning to propose to your spouse you must know about the general approach towards wedding and engagement rings. For centuries there have been various religious and ritualistic opinions about which hand the wedding ring goes on. Never ignore such questions and prepare wisely instead.

Which Hand Shall You Wear The Wedding Ring On

Wedding Ring

The ring finger is called by this name for a reason, in western society it is a known fact that the rings are worn on the left-hand ring finger. The most probable reason given behind this is the Vena Amorous i.e. a vein in your left-hand finger which directly connects to the heart. However, it has been scientifically proven that there is no such vein and it might be a completely old wive’s tail. Hence, there can be multiple questions regarding wearing the ring.

Owing to this Myth it has become commonplace to wear the engagement ring on the left-hand ring finger

Exceptions always exist!

In countries like South America, Brazil & some other European countries these rings are worn on the right hand. On the other hand, countries like Germany and the Netherlands are still choosing to wear them on their left hand. And wearing the wedding rings on the right one.

There are exceptional situations like the LBTQ+ community where they have chosen to wear engagement rings on the right hands and for weddings too.

A Quick Tip: Engagement rings are a symbol of your love and you can choose to wear it on either of your hands without hesitating, just keep your partner's choice in mind while selecting.

How To Choose The Wedding Band?

Think About Your Budget

Of course, buying a wedding ring is super special to you as you might want to buy the best and most expensive ring for your partner. We would like to suggest you consider your budget before initiating the search for the best wedding ring. You can choose contemporary rings from our site. We sell meaningful variants of rings made up of tungsten and titanium with wooden inlays, galactic material, and fossils it.

You can save huge amounts of money and use it for your future by choosing these affordable rings as your option for your wedding ring. Expect 100% authenticity and certified rings on our site as we are dedicated to selling only genuine products.

Whisky Barrel Antler Wood Black Ceramic Men's Wedding Band 8MM

Black ceramic rings are the most scratch-resistant, second only to tungsten carbide. Jet black through the ring, black is its color, not a surface coating. It is permanent and will not fade, or corrode, is scratch-resistant, and is hypoallergenic. This incredible material is lighter than tungsten, heavier than titanium, has a very smooth surface finish, and has the appearance of metal.

The wood used to craft this black ceramic ring was cut from genuine whisky white oak barrels. A tremendous amount of labor and skill goes into handcrafting a whisky barrel, the craftsman not only carefully chooses each piece of wood to assemble this barrel, but he must also painstakingly dry and attend to the barrel outdoors for 6 to 12 months. Then when the barrel is just right the craftsman will torch the wood surface bringing out the natural flavors that will infuse the whisky over time creating some of the world's most desired and incredible whiskies. You can still smell the whisky in the barrel, even after we cut the pieces into cubes to prepaid them for your ring. Once finished and sealed there is no more whisky scent, but the unique tale-tale markings of the whisky barrel forever remain. Like our rings, whisky starts with the wood.


Choose A Couples Set

Isn’t it amazing to match your rings with each other for a lifetime commitment? Yes. it is.

We would suggest you buy a couple set as your wedding rings and show off your affection and sense of belonging for the whole of your life. As these rings are to be worn 24*7, they are ultra comfortable for both of you. These rings are also known as Lifestyle rings considering their utility for every professional, be it physical or any other. It looks beautiful on your hand and is robust. Expect no scratches and 100% durability in these Rings. The carbon fiber rings are long lasting hence no need for remodeling or replacing these rings in the future.


The wedding ring finger for males might be either on the left hand or the right hand. You can stick to your tradition and stop wondering about male wedding ring finger from here onwards. You can choose your comfort and preference as this ring is going to stay in your hand for your lifetime. We would like to imply the same for the women as well. The most important feeling underlying these rings is your love towards each other and respect for your family tradition. There isn’t a rule about wearing it on a particular finger of a particular hand. Check out our site for more detailed information about the modern lifestyle rings that are trending in the year.

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to know more about tips on which hand the wedding ring go.


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