5 Unique Men's Wedding Bands with Timeless Style

“Wedding is love, laughter, and happily ever after!” Just like your love that is going to last today and tomorrow and forever, so will your wedding band. To commit and to stay together you need that perfect band of commitment. We at Rings By Pristine are here to give you a mesmerizing and magical range of rings for both men and women.

A wedding ring for women has always been a big highlight of every wedding but in this blog, we will check out 5 unique wedding bands for men by Rings By Pristine.

Here are some trendy and cool men’s wedding bands that are our editor’s pick;

1. Red Rex Dinosaur Bone Tungsten Men's Wedding Band 4mm-8mm

Red Rex Dinosaur Bone Tungsten Men's Wedding Band

Looking for something unique? Check out this cool wedding band for men, red rex dinosaur bone ring width 4-8MM. Choose the size and width according to your needs and own this remarkable ring now. Are you a fan of elegant and meaningful rings? This ring holds the dinosaur bone also known as gembone.

Gembone can be defined as a rare and beautiful fossil globally. The specimens of this gem bone can be traced back to dinosaurs who were on Earth during the late Jurassic Park Age. That was almost about 150 million years ago.

This beautiful gem bone is styled as a ring in tungsten metal to make it durable and strong. This can definitely be a wedding ring that can leave everyone spellbound.

2. Box Elder Wood Twist Damascus Steel Men's Wedding Band 8mm

Box Elder Wood Twist Damascus Steel Men's Wedding Band 8mm

This mystical ring is made up of elder wood on the interior sleeve of the ring. The ring has been intricately hand-made and designed by skilled artisans. They have carefully curated a piece of elder box and Damascus steel to form this beautiful ring. The ring is super comfortable and stylish and also hypoallergenic in nature. The smooth edges and wonderful color make it a must-have as a wedding band. It has a very special and distinctive appearance that can make you stand out from the crowd.

The Damascus steel used in the body is hand-forged and handmade. It is very carefully hand-finished to give a precious and luxurious look to the band. Witness the astounding beauty of the twist pattern in this band. This ring is very resilient and can be a perfect fit for any lifestyle.

3. White Titanium Ring - Exotic Antler Koa Wood

White Titanium Ring

Your search for the most unique male wedding rings/bands ends here. This ring is our personal favorite owing to the fact that it's made up of naturally fallen antlers. Find no two rings similar as each ring holds a dynamic color and pattern that's unique. The color displayed in this band can leave you lost in thoughts of the handcrafting done by artisans. Angelic white to cream with placement of darker areas on the rim is an art to a sight. All patterns are different and natural. We would suggest you make sure to give details to us about your requirements. We believe in 100% customization and customer satisfaction. Buy the best and rare ring now in the desired width and size.

4. Meteorite Ring Wedding Band Koa Wood Ring Men's Arrow Band Tungsten Wedding Band Mens Ring Meteorite Wedding Ring Mens Arrow Ring Wood Inlay

Meteorite Wedding Ring

Witness the exotic koa wood inlay precisely hand-cut for the perfect look. The ravishing appearance of this ring is nothing less than wonderful. The handmade ring also has an epoxy polish to protect all the natural color play and incredible grain of meteorite and koa wood. It is a piece of art you can't stop looking at. The rare and unique texture and pattern of the natural elements are just amazing.

The element of galactic presence, a meteorite pattern is simulated. It is created on the metal by etching. The tungsten metal body of the ring is sturdy and has a brushed finish given by hands. Buy now!

5. Tobacco Leaf And Whisky Barrel Men's Wedding Band Black Ceramic Ring With Bourbon White Oak Wooden Inlay Whisky Ring, Men's Wedding Band

Tobacco Leaf And Whisky Barrel Men's Wedding Band

This bewildering combination of whiskey barrel wood and tobacco leaf is truly an example of uniqueness. The base of black ceramic in the ring makes these men's wedding bands unique in every way. Show off your love for monochrome with this jet-black ring which is naturally black and doesn't ever fade. Tungsten carbide is hypoallergenic and does not corrode as well. This light and scratch-proof band is uber stylish and comfortable at the same time.

We have used the bourbon whiskey barrel for this ring which is an exciting material. The ring is crafted with recycled whiskey barrel wood. It takes a time of almost a year to prepare this whiskey barrel wood for crafting in a ring. Doesn't that sound amazing? We believe in making men's wedding rings unique.

This ring can leave you surprised when you know that the craftsmen carefully curate and select the perfect wood for putting into this ring. The vision of the beautiful tale tale markings on wood can still be evident. The additional textured look of the ring is due to the tobacco leaf that complements the overall beauty of this ring.

Final Thought

Be it a proposal to your lover or a wedding ring make it happen. Choosing something unique is what everyone desires. The above read has enlisted the best and top trending rings for you to choose from. The unique wedding rings for men are now hassle-free as we are here to assist you! Our team specializes in crafting unique and meaningful rings for men.

Find the most spellbound variety of unique men's engagement rings and wedding rings on our website at affordable prices. We are sure to leave you surprised and feeling delighted about your experience as Rings by Pristine comes with a Five Star Pristine Promise and attractive complimentary gifts for you.

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