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    Meteorite Wedding Rings

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    • November 24, 2023 The Benefits of Choosing a Tungsten Wedding Ring
      The Benefits of Choosing a Tungsten Wedding Ring

      Searching for tungsten wedding rings? Get a detailed understanding of choosing the best tungsten ring for yourself here. It is one of the latest trends that everyone is following, let’s get into the details. These rings are highly fashionable and also offer you the distinctive style and comfort that you need. After all, selecting a unique wedding ring is the most important aspect of your wedding. Be it a wedding ring for your partner or you, be it a selection of matching sets made up of tungsten, we have got you covered. Select the one that suits your needs perfectly now!

      Tungsten wedding bands are equally popular for women’s tungsten wedding rings. Purchase the best pair for both of you in a tungsten metal ring, and wear the luxury of these rings that are exceptionally unique.

      Let us understand more about the benefits of choosing a tungsten ring for your wedding.

      Affordable Rings

      Choosing a wedding is a matter of financial expense but choosing a tungsten ring isn't. Choose the most trendy and stylish wedding ring from our website and save a lot of money. We know you need something nontraditional and yet unique ring for your wedding day, check out our latest collection now! The rings you see on our site are extremely affordable and fancy. These rings do not hold any traditional accents and hence are a lot cheaper than the usual wedding rings. Save in the ring and invest it for your future together.

      Meaningful And Unique

      Our rings are 100% handmade! Buy these customized handmade rings and show off your uniqueness. These rings are just what you would like. Every ring holds meaning to it; they are all eco-friendly and have an inlay of eco-friendly natural material. Find the rings below and understand what it means to be unique.

      Rose Tungsten Band | Koa Wood | Opal | Wedding Band | His & Her Matching | Wedding Ring | Rings By Pristine | Opal Rings | Opal Jewelry

      This tungsten wedding ring set comes with an Exotic Blue Opal from the Pristine lab. It is magnificent and full of colors that are brought to life. Discover a beautiful presentation of Koa wood inlay totally handcrafted to give it a delicate finish.  A clear epoxy is applied to protect the natural material and to bring out the rich unique colors and incredible grain of the koa wood.

      Every ring is a different textured and artistic display in itself. It never ceases to surprise you. The opal and the metal used by both are intricately designed for the best aesthetics and comfort for you and your partner. It is a set of wedding his and her designer wedding bands that are hypoallergenic and comfortable.

      Tungsten Body: The rose tungsten band has been handcrafted and finished by hand with a finish. Tungsten is known for its hardness and its durability.

      Hypoallergenic And Strong

      Are you allergic to metals? Do you resist buying gold, silver, and platinum for the allergic reason? These rings are totally hypoallergenic in nature. Tungsten carbide rings sold by us are not allergic. They can be worn by anybody with sensitive skin who has any kind of lifestyle. These rings showcase delicate design and made with love to showcase your luxurious taste of material. Choose the best hypoallergenic ring which is strong and lasts for a lifetime. Get the matching sets for both of you at your wedding.

      Hammered Tungsten Rose Tungsten Interior Koa Wood Inlay Couples Wedding Band Set

      This marvelous set of matching wedding bands is nothing but an art piece. These hammered tungsten and rose tungsten wedding bands feature an interior koa wood inlay that will last a lifetime. The finished set comes with a lifetime warranty and lasts forever. These tungsten rings for men and women are extraordinary choices to make for lifetime longevity.

      Black Tungsten Wedding Band - Pristine Blue 8mm

      This tungsten black men's wedding band comes in blue and tungsten exteriors.

      The Pristine Passion black tungsten band has been created in a jet black color, engineered and hand-curated to be strong & beautiful. Tungsten carbide is known for its durability and lifetime lasting. Choose this ring for any lifestyle even if it's prone to hits and damages, it's scratch-proof and damage-proof. The design is highly mesmerizing because of this beautiful blue color and smooth surface for utmost comfort. Find these bands in various widths like 6mm tungsten men's wedding bands available for your look and comfort.

      Every band has its polish and mold performed very carefully leaving it with extraordinary luster. Check out this bold ring which is unisex. These beautiful rings are vacuumed for a black PVD plating process to look luxurious. It is unaffected by any weather changes and looks as good as a black onyx color. This black tungsten wedding band for men and women is the best choice if you like that monochromatic appeal with a hint of blue in it.


      Choosing tungsten wedding bands for men and women is definitely a very good choice to make. It can have various benefits as mentioned in this blog. Check out the best tungsten rings for her and him that come with Five Star Pristine Promise. Our rings are 100% authentic and made with the best quality metal and elements. Every ring you purchase from our site comes with 100% customer satisfaction and a lifetime warranty. We believe in giving complimentary gifts too. Outshine your wedding day with our rings. These rings are made to last for a lifetime.
    • November 24, 2023 What Is the Average Ring Size for Men?
      What Is the Average Ring Size for Men?

      Buying a ring for yourself means knowing your ring size. The men's ring sizes vary depending upon an individual's health. No intuition can predict the size of your ring correctly as there are ways in which you can measure the exact ring size. The average male ring size can be understood once you know the exact ways to measure it.

      Buying rings online becomes more difficult when you can't try your ring before buying it. To buy the ring of your choice online you must know the exact size of your finger. There can be numerous varieties of rings online in various sizes but to buy the best one you need to know if your size is available or not.

      Average Ring Size For Men

      Are you willing to buy a wedding ring or ring for your special occasion? Make sure you read this blog. The wedding rings come in a wide range of styles and materials. About size, you must understand that the sizes start from 3 and are usually available up to 14. Here we are talking about the average size for men which might overlook the fact that there are males whose ring size might be 14+.

      According to us the sizes that are average for men are somewhere ranging between 8 to 13. The fingers might be slender or thick as per the lifestyle and profession of an individual. It can also be roughly said that the average ring size for a man is 9.5.

      Know More About Sizes

      If you are unaware of what this ring size means actually and want to know more about it, we've got answers to all your questions. The ring size here means the diameter. The diameter of the ring becomes the size for you. These sizes can be measured in half increments. How to find ring sizes for men? You may also find the ring sizes in mm sometimes. For example, the measurement in mm can be given as a size 7 is a diameter of 17.3 mm.

      Every half unit of your ring size increases by 0.4 mm in diameter.

      Check out this ring size chart for men

      Ring Size




























      The chart given here specifies the ring size for a better understanding of the diameters.

      How To Measure Your Ring Size For Men?

      With A Ring Sizer

      There are a variety of ring sizers available online, order one for yourself. Purchasing a ring sizer can be useful for your whole life. These ring sizers can determine your exact size. However, check your size at least twice or thrice to know if it's the same and exact before buying any ring for yourself. There’s a fun fact we would tell you here, your ring size keeps changing throughout the day owing to the temperature change, activities you are performing, or the food you eat.

      Choosing the right size means choosing the most comfortable size for yourself. Do not let your ring slip off nor snuggle too tight. The perfect size could be a little hard to get off your finger. If it's coming out freely during regular activities then you might end up losing it somewhere.

      Now here’s another catch, the rings that are smooth and have no accents can fit on your finger differently than those studded rings. The plain smooth finish bands might feel a little loser on your regular size. You can contact us for help with such issues. Our team is always happy to help you. You can get a sizing guide from our side for our rings to help you in buying the perfect size hassle-free.

      Visit A Jeweler

      Still not confident about your ring size? Visit a jeweler. Visiting a jeweler might predict your exact size. You can visit a neighborhood jeweler and request them to check for your ring size. Most of them usually help you to figure out the ring size without any charges. Choosing the right ring size then gets easier for you.

      Now that you know your size check out one of our top favorite rings for men;

      Black Ceramic Mammoth Fossil Men's Wedding Band 8MM

      This unique yet historical black ceramic ring is scratch-resistant. Jet black all the way through the ring, black is its color, not a surface coating. This color will not fade as it is the color of the material used. Expect no corrosion, and allergies if you buy this ring. The material is as light as a feather on your skin and finger. It is heavier than titanium and has a very smooth surface finish and has the appearance of metal. The fossil used to craft this black ceramic ring was cut from a 10,000-year-old woolly mammoth tooth fossil. A tremendous amount of labor and skill goes into handcrafting and cutting this 10,000-year-old fossil, the craftsman not only carefully chooses each fossil and cuts with precision to assemble this ice age fossil.


      We at Rings By Pristine would recommend you get sized with wide men's sizing rings to get an accurate fit. We would suggest you visit at least a few jewelers to get your finger sized having at least two jewelers agreeing on the same ring size for you using a comfortable fit ring sizing tool. If you order the wrong size it can be exchanged for the correct size but it's always better to get it right the first time to save time and effort.  Buy the best rings with five-star Pristine Promise and showcase your taste for exclusive and unique things.
    • November 24, 2023 Tungsten Rings Pros, Cons, Facts and Myths
      Tungsten Rings Pros, Cons, Facts and Myths

      The tungsten men's wedding bands are becoming increasingly popular due to the elegance and luxury they display. These tungsten rings are made up of tungsten metal which has been used for decades in various fixtures for its temperature-withstanding capacity. Tungsten metal rings are best as they do not get affected due to the changing weather.

      The rings of tungsten are usually made up of tungsten carbide which is a compound formed between carbon and tungsten to give it more hardness and sturdiness. So if the question is about making a ring, tungsten carbide vs tungsten, we choose tungsten carbide. This unique metal is used for creating one-of-a-kind silver tungsten rings, a black tungsten rings for both men and women.

      Let us know more about the tungsten rings starting off with its Pros And Cons

      Pros And Cons


      • The carbon fiber wedding band's pros and cons are easy to enlist. The tungsten carbide material is highly scratch-proof and can look fresh for decades irrespective of your lifestyle.
      • Price effective and have a good feeling on wearing it. The weight feels as good as any silver or gold metal ring
      • The rings when made of tungsten carbide usually bear a smooth finish and hence easy to remove as compared to any other ring metals.
      • Tungsten does not bend out of shape due to its hardness, so in an accident, the ring is known for its hardness. Do not expect any wear and tear to this ring in any kind of unexpected hit on this ring.
      • It is a boon to people who have existing metal allergies to silver gold or platinum as this metal is hypoallergenic in nature.
      • The color bears a natural grey, silver, or dark grey-black color that never fades hence no maintenance calls for this spring are expected.
      • This metal is perfect for carving out meaningful rings for you that might hold the grains of meteorite, opal, fossils, or likewise.

      For example- Check out this beautiful tungsten ring by us;

      Black Hammered Tungsten Dinosaur Bone and Meteorite Men's Wedding Band 8MM

      This highly comfortable men’s wedding ring is 8mm black hammered tungsten and features a unique composition of dinosaur bone and meteorite. It forms a magical and durable design that is irresistible. It is designed in a tough metal like tungsten which can last for a lifetime. The unique appearance of the meteorite and dinosaur bone creates a band that will last through your marriage and beyond. If you are a fan of all things galactic and earthy this ring is the best option for you


      On buying rings from Rings By Pristine there is no significant Con with the tungsten rings. We sell and manufacture 100% handmade and eco-friendly rings that are just perfect in every way. Moreover, is tungsten a good ring material? Yes, it is!

      The rings are best in texture, feel, and luxury and come within 5 Star Pristine Promise. All the elements that our rings hold are carefully selected by our labor team and carved intricately by the team of artisans. These rings are meant to be the best rings that last your lifetime.

      Buying these rings can only leave you with a big smile on your face as we are known for providing the best assistance with shopping and warranty of the rings.

      Check out this tungsten bestseller that comes with a lifetime warranty attractive packaging and complimentary gifts,

      Sandblasted Tungsten Siberian Bog Oak Men's Wedding Band 6MM

      This wooden men’s wedding band is Sandblasted Tungsten Siberian Bog Oak 6MM and has been carefully crafted. It provides a beautiful finish that is luxurious and classy. Buy this excellent ring for your weddings and special occasions. The band displays sandblasted tungsten and Siberian bog oak, this 6mm ring is designed to last for many years to come.


      Let us now bust those myths about tungsten like why is tungsten so expensive?

      These rings are not at all expensive when compared to those princess-cut diamonds and gold platinum wedding bands available in the market. Do not believe us?

      Check out these beautiful stunners at attractive prices now!

      Black Tungsten Ring Passion Silver Men's Wedding Band 8mm

      This ring is a total stunner! It gives you the best comfort and luxury fee when you wear it. Highly recommended affordable option that can be a head turner and spellbinder for everyone at a glance. The black tungsten ring never fades as its natural color is black also it comes with a lifetime warranty.

      Another myth is tungsten carbide rings are made up of 100% tungsten metal.

      Making a ring that is solely a tungsten carbide is not possible in fact that’s where Rings By Pristine uses the meaningful elements for an inlay. These rings are never solely tungsten, instead bear beautiful rainbow-like opal, whisky barrel wood, koa wood, and antler, and likewise to make it special for you.


      Now that you have your myths busted and know about all the facts, tungsten ring pros, and cons we would suggest you visit our site and buy a tungsten ring for yourself. There exists a wide range of 100% unique designs for all your special occasions be it the engagement or wedding couple rings. You will have no more questions about whether tungsten rings are good, or how beautiful tungsten carbide jewelry is. We believe in making your ring a dream come true, buy it now and stay amazed at every glance of it.
    • November 24, 2023 5 Unique Men's Wedding Bands with Timeless Style
      5 Unique Men's Wedding Bands with Timeless Style

      “Wedding is love, laughter, and happily ever after!” Just like your love that is going to last today and tomorrow and forever, so will your wedding band. To commit and to stay together you need that perfect band of commitment. We at Rings By Pristine are here to give you a mesmerizing and magical range of rings for both men and women.

      A wedding ring for women has always been a big highlight of every wedding but in this blog, we will check out 5 unique wedding bands for men by Rings By Pristine.

      Here are some trendy and cool men’s wedding bands that are our editor’s pick;

      1. Red Rex Dinosaur Bone Tungsten Men's Wedding Band 4mm-8mm

      Red Rex Dinosaur Bone Tungsten Men's Wedding Band

      Looking for something unique? Check out this cool wedding band for men, red rex dinosaur bone ring width 4-8MM. Choose the size and width according to your needs and own this remarkable ring now. Are you a fan of elegant and meaningful rings? This ring holds the dinosaur bone also known as gembone.

      Gembone can be defined as a rare and beautiful fossil globally. The specimens of this gem bone can be traced back to dinosaurs who were on Earth during the late Jurassic Park Age. That was almost about 150 million years ago.

      This beautiful gem bone is styled as a ring in tungsten metal to make it durable and strong. This can definitely be a wedding ring that can leave everyone spellbound.

      2. Box Elder Wood Twist Damascus Steel Men's Wedding Band 8mm

      Box Elder Wood Twist Damascus Steel Men's Wedding Band 8mm

      This mystical ring is made up of elder wood on the interior sleeve of the ring. The ring has been intricately hand-made and designed by skilled artisans. They have carefully curated a piece of elder box and Damascus steel to form this beautiful ring. The ring is super comfortable and stylish and also hypoallergenic in nature. The smooth edges and wonderful color make it a must-have as a wedding band. It has a very special and distinctive appearance that can make you stand out from the crowd.

      The Damascus steel used in the body is hand-forged and handmade. It is very carefully hand-finished to give a precious and luxurious look to the band. Witness the astounding beauty of the twist pattern in this band. This ring is very resilient and can be a perfect fit for any lifestyle.

      3. White Titanium Ring - Exotic Antler Koa Wood

      White Titanium Ring

      Your search for the most unique male wedding rings/bands ends here. This ring is our personal favorite owing to the fact that it's made up of naturally fallen antlers. Find no two rings similar as each ring holds a dynamic color and pattern that's unique. The color displayed in this band can leave you lost in thoughts of the handcrafting done by artisans. Angelic white to cream with placement of darker areas on the rim is an art to a sight. All patterns are different and natural. We would suggest you make sure to give details to us about your requirements. We believe in 100% customization and customer satisfaction. Buy the best and rare ring now in the desired width and size.

      4. Meteorite Ring Wedding Band Koa Wood Ring Men's Arrow Band Tungsten Wedding Band Mens Ring Meteorite Wedding Ring Mens Arrow Ring Wood Inlay

      Meteorite Wedding Ring

      Witness the exotic koa wood inlay precisely hand-cut for the perfect look. The ravishing appearance of this ring is nothing less than wonderful. The handmade ring also has an epoxy polish to protect all the natural color play and incredible grain of meteorite and koa wood. It is a piece of art you can't stop looking at. The rare and unique texture and pattern of the natural elements are just amazing.

      The element of galactic presence, a meteorite pattern is simulated. It is created on the metal by etching. The tungsten metal body of the ring is sturdy and has a brushed finish given by hands. Buy now!

      5. Tobacco Leaf And Whisky Barrel Men's Wedding Band Black Ceramic Ring With Bourbon White Oak Wooden Inlay Whisky Ring, Men's Wedding Band

      Tobacco Leaf And Whisky Barrel Men's Wedding Band

      This bewildering combination of whiskey barrel wood and tobacco leaf is truly an example of uniqueness. The base of black ceramic in the ring makes these men's wedding bands unique in every way. Show off your love for monochrome with this jet-black ring which is naturally black and doesn't ever fade. Tungsten carbide is hypoallergenic and does not corrode as well. This light and scratch-proof band is uber stylish and comfortable at the same time.

      We have used the bourbon whiskey barrel for this ring which is an exciting material. The ring is crafted with recycled whiskey barrel wood. It takes a time of almost a year to prepare this whiskey barrel wood for crafting in a ring. Doesn't that sound amazing? We believe in making men's wedding rings unique.

      This ring can leave you surprised when you know that the craftsmen carefully curate and select the perfect wood for putting into this ring. The vision of the beautiful tale tale markings on wood can still be evident. The additional textured look of the ring is due to the tobacco leaf that complements the overall beauty of this ring.

      Final Thought

      Be it a proposal to your lover or a wedding ring make it happen. Choosing something unique is what everyone desires. The above read has enlisted the best and top trending rings for you to choose from. The unique wedding rings for men are now hassle-free as we are here to assist you! Our team specializes in crafting unique and meaningful rings for men.

      Find the most spellbound variety of unique men's engagement rings and wedding rings on our website at affordable prices. We are sure to leave you surprised and feeling delighted about your experience as Rings by Pristine comes with a Five Star Pristine Promise and attractive complimentary gifts for you.