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    Meteorite Wedding Rings

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    • February 20, 2024 What is The Meaning of a Black Wedding Band?
      What is The Meaning of a Black Wedding Band?

      What does a black wedding band mean? The increasing popularity of black wedding bands might have left you with this question. The comfort and contemporary look of these rings have replaced the traditional rings.

      People have started choosing these elegant and stylish options instead of accent-studded wedding bands. These black wedding bands for him and her are usually made of metals like tungsten, titanium, and black ceramic which are hypoallergenic.

      If you are not a fan of the gold and silver metal look then you must choose these black wedding bands for men and women. To understand black bands or rings you must continue reading this blog. We have all the answers to your questions;

      What Does a Black Wedding Ring Mean?

      Black rings have been a tradition since ancient times. In history, people used to wear black onyx rings for their weddings. Coming back to current times black rings mean both fashion and durability.

      Buying black rings nowadays is buying women’s and men’s wedding bands made of black titanium or tungsten. People are crushing over these classy looking black rings over the traditional options. These black rings on the middle finger are a sight to the sour eye.

      Therefore, the black wedding band meaning can be different for every individual. Sometimes it may be a simple ring or sometimes these rings could be meaningful. They could surely hold meaning if these rings are unique and rare.

      The black wedding rings sold by “Rings By Pristine” are remarkable.

      Expect the best black, men’s wedding ring collection as they are handmade and eco-friendly. These wedding rings also have additional elements like fossils, guitar strings, opals, meteorites, etc.

      If you love distinctive monochromatic black wedding rings, women's personalized and men's personalized rings, go for couple rings.

      Why Do Men Wear Black Wedding Rings?

      Black men’s wedding bands have been trending for the last few years. They are attracting a lot of men due to their appealing elegance and beauty. Hence this year it is one of the most trending wedding rings.

      These rings are the perfect token of a guy’s commitment to her girl. There can be many reasons behind this increasing popularity. The factors like;

      • The Inclination of youth toward alternative wedding styles
      • The understanding in society of the value of individual expression at a wedding
      • Unique, modern designs that complement their relationship

       These unique black men's wedding bands sold by us are handmade and are designed for comfort. You can surely choose from a wide variety available on our site. These rings are corrosion-resistant, they are sturdy, and known for their hardness. You can also think of other advantages such as its hypoallergenic properties. If you are allergic to metals these are your choice rings. They are just made for you.

      They last for long just like you and for your partner. It can symbolize your commitment without getting bent or damaged in unexpected falls or accidents.  These rings are known for their comfort and longevity which is hard to find in other metals which are more softer.

      Gold Foil Tungsten And Meteorite Men's Wedding Band 8MM

      Gold Foil Tungsten And Meteorite Men's Wedding Band 8MM

      Check out this enigmatic black gold wedding ring by “Rings By Pristine”. This modern 8mm men's wedding band features a unique combination of gold foil tungsten and meteorite. The gold foil adds a luxurious touch to this contemporary design, creating an eye-catching piece worthy of the special day.

      Life is too short to live without the Gold Foil Tungsten and Meteorite Men's Wedding Band 8MM.

      Pristine Passion Purple Interior Tungsten Wedding Band 6MM

      Pristine Passion Purple Interior Tungsten Wedding Band 6MM

      This Pristine Passion Purple Interior Tungsten Wedding Band features a 6mm width, made from cobalt-free tungsten for a durable and timeless design. This black and purple wedding ring is a perfect blend of elegance and playfulness.

      The interior of this ring is adorned with a vibrant purple hue that will sparkle in the light. Get professional-looking results and the luxe look you crave.

      Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Pristine Passion Purple Interior Tungsten Wedding Band 6MM is for you.

      Titanium Rose Wood Burl Couples Wedding Band Set

      Titanium Rose Wood Burl Couples Wedding Band Set

      These black band rings are beautifully crafted in Titanium Rose Wood Burl. It is a set of two rings for Couples. This set of black wedding ring sets for him and her is a handmade and unique example of rosewood burl and titanium in this ring. The lightweight, corrosion-resistant titanium ensures a comfortable and durable fit and long-lasting.


      Understanding the new trends and fashion can be a little tricky. The blog here addresses the questions like what do black ring mean or black ring meaning. Black rings are sheer elegance and luxury.

      It can look minimalist and beautiful at the same time. Buy from the numerous varieties available both online and offline. Black Tungsten men's Wedding Band and black titanium wedding bands are the most trending rings on our site.

      The above examples are enlisted to gain better clarity about the black rings that can be used as black wedding rings. You can also buy other varieties like rainbow wedding bands with black tungsten and titanium for your wedding.

      Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to know more about black wedding bands.

    • February 20, 2024 7 Things You Didn't Know About Titanium And Tungsten Wedding Bands
      7 Things You Didn't Know About Titanium And Tungsten Wedding Bands

      Enthusiastic about exploring the eccentric variety of wedding bands? Eager to know details about the titanium and tungsten wedding bands? Follow through this blog to understand 7 things about wedding bands in titanium and tungsten wedding bands here. Before deciding on buying a wedding ring that is so distinctive and unique, a little research is essential.

      Buying a wedding ring is not a piece of cake! The formula for a perfect wedding ring is a lot of money + effort. There are many options of traditional rings available in the market. You can simply go for something orthodox and traditional or buy unique and rare wedding bands made of nontraditional elements.

      1. Tungsten And Titanium Rings For Men And Women

      You might be aware of tungsten male wedding bands being famous among men but Tungsten wedding rings and titanium wedding bands are famous among women too. You can buy matching rings and look outstanding on your wedding day.

      If you don't believe us, check out this exquisite women’s tungsten ring option;

      Crushed Turquoise Grey Tungsten Women's Wedding Band 4MM

      Crushed Turquoise Grey Tungsten Women's Wedding Band 4MM

      This turquoise grey tungsten women's wedding band is the perfect union of timeless style and modern durability. The crushed turquoise grey tungsten material offers an elegant look, while being four times harder than titanium, ensuring that it will last for many anniversaries to come.

      The Crushed Turquoise Grey Tungsten Women's Wedding Band 4MM is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

      2. It Is Never 100%  Tungsten Or Titanium

      Tungsten wedding bands are made of tungsten carbide. It is an alloy formed between tungsten and carbon to utilize metal as jewelry. Similarly, titanium is also used in the form of an alloy. This alloy is formed between aluminum and titanium.

      Therefore, the purity of the metal ranges between 50%-70%

      3. Affordable, Not Thrifty

      These wedding tungsten bands and titanium engagement rings are indeed affordable but they aren't thrifty. These rings are unique and rare, also 100% handmade! The beautiful and meaningful inlays in these rings are not cheap. These rings are definitely cheaper than the traditional precious metal rings but are not bad in quality.

      4. Can’t Be Resized

      Yes, you read it right these wedding bands can't be resized. Always make it a point to check your size before buying any titanium rings.

      If you are buying a titanium ring from anyone in the market you must talk about resizing first or you can simply buy it from us.

      We offer the exchanges and sizing assistance just for you. Our rings are not only made up of titanium but also hold meaningful elements like meteorites, Koa wood, and lots more, check out now.

      5. They Don’t Shine?

      Do you think they don't shine like gold and silver? The rings sold by us are lustrous and shiny. Also, it is a very good option for individuals who like matte as we have matte finish rings as well.

      The matte finish can look very unique and eye-catching to anyone at first sight. It won't catch the light and sparkle like a gold or silver band but it is sure to amaze everyone for its uniqueness.

      It might be challenging to put those diamonds in the tungsten and titanium rings but they have been made in a very unique way by us. You can get a wide variety of designs and gems or other inlays on your titanium ring.

      Buy the elegant and alluring tungsten wedding band sets;

      Opal Koa Wood's Black Ceramic Ring His And Her Wedding Band Set Custom Rings By Pristine

      Opal Koa Wood's Black Ceramic Ring His And Her Wedding Band Set Custom Rings By Pristine

      The Pristine opal & Koa wood Inlay has been hand cut, shaped, and smoothed hand then a clear epoxy is applied to protect the natural material and to bring out the rich unique colors and incredible grain of the wood and amazing play of colors, sheen and luster of the abalone shell. Each ring is truly like looking at a piece of art and no two rings are ever the same each with its own character and look.

      6. Hypoallergenic And Strong

      Are you allergic to metals? Do you resist buying gold, silver, and platinum for the allergic reason? These rings are totally hypoallergenic in nature. Tungsten carbide rings sold by us are not allergic. They can be worn by anybody with sensitive skin who has any kind of lifestyle. These rings are delicate and made with love to showcase your luxurious taste of material. Choose the best hypoallergenic ring that is strong and lasts for a lifetime. Get the matching sets for both of you at your wedding.

      7. 24*7 Comfort

      Being comfortable and stylish at the same time is a rare combination to look for. Choose the wedding band as per your comfort as you will be wearing this ring 24*7. Do not choose anything that’s not for a lifetime.

      The ring style should complement your lifestyle 100%. Simply go for comfort tungsten wedding bands for men instead of too fancy, and loaded with accents.

      Final Thought

      Titanium and tungsten rings have pros and cons just like any other wedding bands. The number of benefits and pros are more than the cons. We have zeroed down all the information that can help you know wedding/engagement ring titanium and men’s wedding band tungsten better.

      Keep this blog handy and choose the best from our latest collection of tungsten men's wedding bands or titanium rings.

      Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to know more about tungsten rings and titanium rings.

    • February 20, 2024 8 Reasons Some People Wear Their Wedding Ring On Their Right Hand
      8 Reasons Some People Wear Their Wedding Ring On Their Right Hand

      “Marriage: To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with." - Mark Twain

      The closer your wedding gets the more thoughts float in your mind! These thoughts are commonly related to wedding preparations. However, sometimes you might be wondering which hand the wedding ring goes on, right or left.

      Every so often you bump into someone wearing the wedding ring on the right hand leaving you skeptical! Why do some people wear their wedding rings on their right hand? Where to wear the wedding ring?

      There could be many upfront reasons behind wearing the wedding ring on the right hand! This blog will enlist the most probable reasons to decipher the confusion. Traditionally there are many reasons to wear the ring on the left hand but wearing the ring on the right hand can be a very personal choice.

      Tradition Behind Wedding Ring

      Historically, there are many shreds of evidence of the existence of the wedding ring. The main evidence revolves around Egyptian culture, ancient Egypt. The theories have explained that the wedding ring and the hand on which it goes were chosen centuries ago.

      Fun Fact: Did you know that the first time wedding rings were used in ancient Egypt was in 3100 BCE? The rings were exchanged as a token of love. The circular shape signified the unending eternal bond between the couple.

      Many of our forefathers also used the reeds, grasses, and likewise to wear in the form of rings. 

      The 8 Reasons Some People Wear Their Wedding  Ring On Their Right Hand

      Left Hand Dominant

      Are you left-handed? Usually, the left-hand dominant individual with professional art, or physical labor may wear rings on the right hand. Wearing it on the dominant hand may cause restrictions in the work, hence the right hand!

      Apparently, the maximum population is right-hand dominant, therefore wearing the wedding ring on the left is convenient for almost everybody.

      Cultural Reasons

      Cultures play a pivotal role in deciding where to put your wedding ring. There are Western countries that hold a tradition of wearing the ring on the left hand. On the contrary,  countries like Greece, Ukraine, and many others believe in wearing the wedding ring on the right hand.


      There have been various ways to symbolize your sexuality. Similarly, the gay community believes in wearing their wedding rings on the right hand. Occasionally the ring on the right hand isn't the wedding ring but a heirloom representing the memories.

      Many people wear the rings of their parents and grandparents on their right hand!

      One Ring for Marriage Ad Engagement

      Some people believe in merging rings from both occasions. They prefer wearing the engagement ring on the right hand and later merge it with a wedding ring on the left hand.

      Are They Cheating?

      Sometimes there can be unfair reasons like cheating. People who want to hide their marital status may switch the ring to the right hand. This way they can signal others about their availability.

      Maybe It’s Not A Wedding Ring

      It's not always the wedding ring on the right hand. It can be a ring used as an accessory! Some people love wearing rings and hence they wear them on their right-hand fingers. Whilst some may wear it for sentimental reasons.

      Financial Status

      You might be new to the fact that some women buy the ring for themselves on the engagement, they wear it on the right hand. This is mostly a mutual decision between the partner to avoid the partner’s expenditure! Sometimes it also represents a woman’s financial independence.

      A Few Uncommon Reasons

      These reasons could be all the possible reasons like having injuries on the left-hand ring finger or just the habit of switching rings from one hand to the other. These reasons are numerous.

      Looking for a non-traditional unique wedding band option? Check this out;

      Koa Wood Carbon Fiber Wood Lined Ring 8MM

      Koa Wood Carbon Fiber Wood Lined Ring 8MM

      Our fallen Antler is naturally collected, each antler's color and pattern unique like a fingerprint with no two being the same. The dominant color is white to cream with darker areas throughout the antler sleeve we hand cut. Some are all white with very little color and some are cream with brown while others are white with dark areas throughout. Please know due to our antler being natural we can not control the patterns or colors. If you have a special request please do not hesitate to ask, but remember this is a natural antler and Its unique and patterns vary.


      Wondering which hand engagement ring for females is common? The same clauses can be applied to both males and females. The blog has a brief description of the reasons behind the ring on the right hand. Choosing to wear your wedding band on the right hand is absolutely a matter of personal choice!

      You and your partner can mutually decide on the ring finger and type of wedding ring you want. There are a variety of Unique men's Wedding Bands available on our site!

      Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to know more about tips on wedding rings/bands.

      Also Read: Which Hand Does The Wedding Ring Go On & Other Important Wedding Facts Every Guy Should Know
    • February 17, 2024 Ultimate Guide To Wedding Bands
      Ultimate Guide To Wedding Bands

      Unique men’s wedding bands are not an easy find. Owing to the current trends in art and creativity there are plenty of options in the market. We are here to help you understand how to choose cool wedding rings for men and unique wedding bands for her. Reading this blog can be very helpful to you and guide you in choosing the best ring for your big day.

      The choice of wedding band depends on various parameters. These elements are to be considered imperative to gradually land on a conclusion of selecting the best-suited wedding band.

      Starting from wooden wedding bands to classic titanium wedding bands. From customized bands to the couple’s wedding bands his and hers! Explore wedding band designs online and offline to shortlist the top 2 and choose the best one. They are available in many styles at our site, all are unique and look wonderful.

      Material Of Your Choice

      Material Of Your Choice

      Choosing a metal you love can be a significant factor. Your ring can be unique irrespective of the latest trend if you choose a metal of your own choice. You can either go for white gold wedding rings, titanium wedding rings, tungsten wedding rings, or wood, whatever suits you the best.

      We at “Rings By Pristine” have mind-blowing options in materials. The materials used in our rings are always meaningful and durable. The varieties extending from guitar strings ring, meteorite men's jewelry, titanium colored rings, black ceramic rings, and many more are one-of-a-kind styles.

      Ring Width

      Ring width plays an important role in unique men’s wedding ring selection. If you are thin you might want to choose the 6mm ring and if you are a little thick you can choose the 8mm ring that can suit your personality well. Choose the most comfortable wedding band and stay comfortable 24*7.

      Metal Allergies

      Many people are allergic to the metals like gold and silver causing them to worry while selecting a wedding ring. Choosing the rings from our site made up of hypoallergenic metals like tungsten carbide, titanium, and black ceramic can be preferred.

      Avoid metal allergies and choose unique wedding bands for him or unique wedding bands for women now! They are hypoallergenic and 100% handmade.

      Check out the unique rings for men by “Rings By Pristine”

      Dinosaur Bone Tungsten Men's Wedding Band 8MM

      Dinosaur Bone Tungsten Men's Wedding Band 8MM

      This Dinosaur Bone Engagement Ring Tungsten Men's Wedding Band 8MM is a unique and stylish choice for the discerning groom. Crafted from tungsten, this 8mm-wide ring is extremely strong and scratch-resistant, making it an ideal investment for a lifetime. Its details, including the intricate dinosaur bone inlay, make this ring truly one-of-a-kind.


      Lifestyle is considered to be a major factor in deciding the type of ring. Rings made up of precious metals are soft enough to get bent and damaged. If you have a lifestyle incorporating physical labor, choose nontraditional rings.

      The non-traditional rings made up of titanium, tungsten, and black ceramic are hard and robust. They are a perfect example of lifestyle rings. These rings are immune to bends, scratches, and fading of shine, Check out the latest trending style now!

      Black Ceramic Koa Wood Blue Opal Men's Wedding Band 8MM

      Black Ceramic Koa Wood Blue Opal Men's Wedding Band 8MM

      This classic wedding band features a sleek black ceramic band with a koa wood inlay and an exquisite blue opal center. Constructed of durable materials to ensure long-lasting quality, this 8mm wide ring is perfect for a groom's sophisticated style.

      The Black Ceramic Koa Wood Blue Opal Men's Wedding Band 8MM is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

      Comfort And Budget

      Understanding the budget before buying a wedding ring is crucial. Prioritize the wedding expenditures and set a budget for the ring. Buying precious metal rings with traditional accents like diamonds can cost you a fortune, choose our rings.

      Our rings are unique, affordable and made up of meaningful elements. Buy a ring that can be worn 24*7. A comfortable ring is always easy to wear for many years.

      Hawaiian Koa Wood Abalone & Guitar String Tungsten Women's Wedding Ring 4MM

      Hawaiian Koa Wood Abalone & Guitar String Tungsten Women's Wedding Ring 4MM

      Make a statement with this unique 4mm Hawaiian Koa Wood Abalone & Guitar String Tungsten Women's Wedding Ring. Crafted with premium quality tungsten and featuring a hand-picked Abalone shell and guitar string inlay, it is sure to be a timeless and treasured piece.


      Buying a wedding ring can be confusing owing to the plenty of options available in the market. To buy a perfect wedding ring you must know the factors that are to be considered. Keeping the blog handy while choosing the wedding ring is suggested.

      This blog enlists the factors that are crucial to consider while buying unique wedding rings for men and women. If you and your partner have similar preferences then you can choose the couple’s wedding ring set. Beware of the scammers in the market and buy from a reputed seller offering authenticity certificates. Choose us to make your wedding ring selection hassle-free!

      Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to know more about tips on wedding rings/bands.