Tungsten Antler Men's Wedding Band 8MM
Tungsten Antler Men's Wedding Band 8MM
Tungsten Antler Men's Wedding Band 8MM
Tungsten Antler Men's Wedding Band 8MM
Tungsten Antler Men's Wedding Band 8MM
Tungsten Antler Men's Wedding Band 8MM
Tungsten Antler Men's Wedding Band 8MM
Tungsten Antler Men's Wedding Band 8MM

Tungsten Antler Men's Wedding Band 8MM

SKU: B293B-8MM-8

Regular price$252.00

Size chart
46.68 14.82 4.0 H 1/2 7 15 46 1/2 6 1/2
47.75 15.20 4.5 I 1/2 8 15 1/4 47 3/4 7 3/4
49.07 15.62 5.0 J 1/2 9 15 3/4 49 10
50.35 16.03 5.5 L 10 16 51 3/4 11 3/4
51.58 16.42 6.0 M 12 16 1/2 52 3/4 12 3/4
52.27 16.64 6.5 N 13 17 54 14
54.52 17.23 7.0 O 14 17 1/4 55 1/4 15 1/4
55.32 17.61 7.5 P 15 17 3/4 56 1/2 16 1/2
56.73 18.06 8.0 Q 16 18 57 3/4 17 3/4
57.71 18.37 8.5 Q 3/4 17 18 1/2 59 19
59.12 18.82 9.0 R 3/4 18 19 60 1/4 20 1/4
60.72 19.33 9.5 S 3/4 19 19 1/2 61 1/2 21 1/2
62.04 19.75 10.0 T 1/2 20 20 62 3/4 22 3/4
63.24 20.13 10.5 U 1/2 22 20 1/4 63 23 3/4
64.43 20.51 11.0 V 1/2 23 20 3/4 65 25
65.81 20.95 11.5 W 3/4 24 21 66 1/4 26 1/4
67.07 21.35 12.0 Y 25 21 1/4 67 1/2 27 1/2
68.17 21.70 12.5 Z 26 21 3/4 68 3/4 28 3/4
69.30 22.06 13.0 Z + 1 27 22 - -
70.62 22.48 13.5 Z + 1 1/2 - - - -
71.84 22.87 14.0 Z + 2 - - - -
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This Tungsten Antler Men's Wedding Band is a luxurious and beautiful addition to any couple’s special day. Crafted with 8mm of quality tungsten, its strength and durability make it the ideal choice when selecting a wedding band. The antler detailing adds a stylish and unique finish, making this a timeless piece that is sure to be cherished for years to come.

At Rings By Pristine, we've got your back—and your finger! Our lifetime warranty covers you against any possible issue because we know life can throw a curveball or two. We’ll even replace your ring if it’s lost at sea, when parachuting, hang gliding, or if you somehow manage to damage it.

We’ll hook you up with a one-time replacement of your original ring, as long as we’ve got the same design in stock. If we’re out of that style, no worries—you can pick any ring of equal or lesser value as your new trusty companion.

View our Life Time Warranty Page for Details.

Alright, buckle up for the shipping lowdown:

We hustle, we'll have your order out the door in just 1 business day, no kidding - like lightning fast!

Now, for our North American friends, you're looking at an estimated delivery of 1-5 business days. Of course, how soon it lands in your eager hands depends on the shipping method you pick.

So, whether you're a speed demon or prefer the scenic route, we've got options to match your shipping style.

Get ready for the grand entrance of your ring in our luxurious Custom Olive Wood Heirloom Ring Box—it's not just a box, it's like a VIP suite for your ring!

And as a bonus, you'll score our Free Side Kick 8mm Steel Activity Band. It's like getting a fancy accessory and a workout buddy all in one package. Enjoy the bling and the swing!

Here's the scoop on nailing your ring size: First off, hit up a couple of jewelers to size up your finger, making sure both are on the same page using a comfort fit wide ring sizing tool.

While we're cool with swapping sizes if needed, it's way smoother to get it right from the get-go and save yourself the hassle.

And hey, if you're the DIY type, you can even snag a sizing ring tool online—because who doesn't love a good finger-measuring adventure?

Alright, get ready for the inside scoop and lowdown on our hassle-free exchanges:

For just a small fee of $25 (think of it as a ring restocking spa day), we've got you covered.

That covers everything from return shipping to the VIP treatment of repackaging, restocking, sanitizing, and even a bit of hand-polishing for that extra sparkle.

You've also got options—keep that silicone ring from your original package if you're attached, or swap it out for the right fit. Here's the play-by-play:

Get the ball rolling by hitting that purchase button for your exchange.
Sit tight for your new ring to hit your mailbox—patience is a virtue, right?

Pack up the ring that's not quite cutting it and send it back using the label we hook you up with.

Voila! Enjoy rocking your fresh bling!

Just remember, round one of exchanges needs to kick off within 30 days of your original delivery date. For any follow-up tweaks, you've got a cozy 7-day window once you've got your hands on the exchange.

Important Note on Engraved Rings:

Engraved rings are like tattoos—personal, special, and definitely not meant for anyone else. Once it's got your custom message, it's all yours, and we can't accept returns.

Inside antler or wooden sleeves cannot be engraved.

Before You Get Engraving Happy:

  1. Know Your Size: Make sure you know your ring size before adding that special engraving. Seriously, measure twice, engrave once.
  2. Post-Engraving Sizing: If you're not sure about the size, get the ring first, double-check the fit, and then send it back for engraving. Better safe than sorry!

Oops, It Doesn't Fit?

If you do make a mistake and engrave a ring that doesn't fit, don't worry—we've got a plan:

  • You can do a one-time exchange for half the retail price of the ring. It's not ideal, but hey, it's a solid backup.

Please note, once that ring is engraved, it's yours for good. No returns, no take-backs. So, measure right and engrave wisely!

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Rings By Pristine

The ring is beautiful. It looks just like the photo and my fiance loves it!

Rings By Pristine

Had a great experience! Very professional and helpful! Will definitely use again!!

Such a beautiful ring!! My boyfriend absolutely loves it!! I definitely recommend this shop.

The ring and size was perfect. Seller communicates efficiently and seems to take pride in their craft. Shipped and arrived quickly without issue. My fiance is very pleased. Would recommend to anyone.

Rings By Pristine

John was very easy to work with and the ring is exactly what I thought it would be!!

I ordered this ring for my fiancé and he loves it! It's perfect and in his favorite color! Thanks so much!

Exactly as pictured, amazing craftmanship and fairly speedy delivery considering we ordered it from the US to the UK. We are both thrilled with how this turned out and it fits perfectly. Excellent communication throughout. Would 100% recommend.

Aside from the fact that the ring is beautiful and arrives with a great box and the extra activity band, the customer service for this shop is outstanding. John is so responsive, down-to-earth, and helpful. And the shipping is so fast!

Rings By Pristine

Beautiful ring and amazing quality! John is very easy to work with and guarantees his work. We are very pleased with this ring.

We found John's company on Etsy and fell in love with his rings. We knew we wanted one, but he didn't have exactly what we wanted. I asked him if he could make it, he responded right away that he could. He said it would take 4-6 weeks, understandably, to make it. I decided I would try to see if he could get it to me a little sooner, because our wedding was 2 weeks away. He got it to me just in time, and we absolutely love it! Unique, beautiful, and just right!

Received my ring very quickly and am super impressed with the quality of it! The fit was true and the colours were nice and vibrant. I couldn’t be more happy to of purchased my ring from RingsByPristine. 10/10 a great experience and product and would recommend anytime to anyone looking for a ring!

We are soooooo pleased with our purchase! The box the ring came in was super cute! And the activity band was an awesome add in!! I was so surprised when that came in the package!! I highly recommend you! And would buy again if need be!!

My fiancé and I love this wedding band. Looks exactly like the picture and arrived on time. John made sure we got our ring and that we were happy with it. We definitely recommend buying from his shop.

The ring is absolutely beautiful, the seller responds to messages within 24 hours, and I received my order in less than one week. I didn't go with my gut for sizing, and the shop has been great in working with me to exchange for the right size. Thank you so much, and I'll absolutely purchase from you in the future!!!

Totally precious, I love it completely!!

Rings By Pristine

These rings are more beautiful in person. I bought 2 as wedding rings for myself and my fiance and we adore them. Each is unique and beautifully crafted. Highly recommend!

High quality item, fast turn around for order. Great communication.

It was absolutely perfect!!

They were wonderful to work with and the ring looks beautiful. My fiance is so incredibly happy with the look of this ring! I highly recommend.

Fast ship time and picture is accurate (color, details, description, etc). Seller is communicative and the box and utility ring is delightful and was very important in making the decision to buy from THIS seller! You will not be disappointed. Good experience and would repeat if needed

Item is better than expected. Great quality and perfect size! If you’re looking for something unique but still at a great price this is it!

Rings By Pristine

Beautiful ring amazing quality. John has been so good throughout the whole process and I can't wait for my fiancé to see it.\nThank you so much!

My soon to be husband loves the ring! It is everything he wanted in a wedding band and more. Very elegant and comfortable. Thank you.

This ring is amazing quality and even more good-looking in person. My fiance does not normally wear rings so we were worried about getting his size right and ordering online. However John's shop ensured that we were ordering the correct size and it fits perfectly. My fiance said it is a very comfortable fit and he loves it. Thank you so much, John!

Just like with my fiance's ring, this one fit perfectly and is very comfortable. We didn't know what to expect with ordering rings online, but we are very pleased with the quality and especially the customer service of this shop. Thanks so much, John!