What Is the Average Ring Size for Men?

Buying a ring for yourself means knowing your ring size. The men's ring sizes vary depending upon an individual's health. No intuition can predict the size of your ring correctly as there are ways in which you can measure the exact ring size. The average male ring size can be understood once you know the exact ways to measure it.

Buying rings online becomes more difficult when you can't try your ring before buying it. To buy the ring of your choice online you must know the exact size of your finger. There can be numerous varieties of rings online in various sizes but to buy the best one you need to know if your size is available or not.

Average Ring Size For Men

Are you willing to buy a wedding ring or ring for your special occasion? Make sure you read this blog. The wedding rings come in a wide range of styles and materials. About size, you must understand that the sizes start from 3 and are usually available up to 14. Here we are talking about the average size for men which might overlook the fact that there are males whose ring size might be 14+.

According to us the sizes that are average for men are somewhere ranging between 8 to 13. The fingers might be slender or thick as per the lifestyle and profession of an individual. It can also be roughly said that the average ring size for a man is 9.5.

Know More About Sizes

If you are unaware of what this ring size means actually and want to know more about it, we've got answers to all your questions. The ring size here means the diameter. The diameter of the ring becomes the size for you. These sizes can be measured in half increments. How to find ring sizes for men? You may also find the ring sizes in mm sometimes. For example, the measurement in mm can be given as a size 7 is a diameter of 17.3 mm.

Every half unit of your ring size increases by 0.4 mm in diameter.

Check out this ring size chart for men

Ring Size




























The chart given here specifies the ring size for a better understanding of the diameters.

How To Measure Your Ring Size For Men?

With A Ring Sizer

There are a variety of ring sizers available online, order one for yourself. Purchasing a ring sizer can be useful for your whole life. These ring sizers can determine your exact size. However, check your size at least twice or thrice to know if it's the same and exact before buying any ring for yourself. There’s a fun fact we would tell you here, your ring size keeps changing throughout the day owing to the temperature change, activities you are performing, or the food you eat.

Choosing the right size means choosing the most comfortable size for yourself. Do not let your ring slip off nor snuggle too tight. The perfect size could be a little hard to get off your finger. If it's coming out freely during regular activities then you might end up losing it somewhere.

Now here’s another catch, the rings that are smooth and have no accents can fit on your finger differently than those studded rings. The plain smooth finish bands might feel a little loser on your regular size. You can contact us for help with such issues. Our team is always happy to help you. You can get a sizing guide from our side for our rings to help you in buying the perfect size hassle-free.

Visit A Jeweler

Still not confident about your ring size? Visit a jeweler. Visiting a jeweler might predict your exact size. You can visit a neighborhood jeweler and request them to check for your ring size. Most of them usually help you to figure out the ring size without any charges. Choosing the right ring size then gets easier for you.

Now that you know your size check out one of our top favorite rings for men;

Black Ceramic Mammoth Fossil Men's Wedding Band 8MM

This unique yet historical black ceramic ring is scratch-resistant. Jet black all the way through the ring, black is its color, not a surface coating. This color will not fade as it is the color of the material used. Expect no corrosion, and allergies if you buy this ring. The material is as light as a feather on your skin and finger. It is heavier than titanium and has a very smooth surface finish and has the appearance of metal. The fossil used to craft this black ceramic ring was cut from a 10,000-year-old woolly mammoth tooth fossil. A tremendous amount of labor and skill goes into handcrafting and cutting this 10,000-year-old fossil, the craftsman not only carefully chooses each fossil and cuts with precision to assemble this ice age fossil.


We at Rings By Pristine would recommend you get sized with wide men's sizing rings to get an accurate fit. We would suggest you visit at least a few jewelers to get your finger sized having at least two jewelers agreeing on the same ring size for you using a comfortable fit ring sizing tool. If you order the wrong size it can be exchanged for the correct size but it's always better to get it right the first time to save time and effort.  Buy the best rings with five-star Pristine Promise and showcase your taste for exclusive and unique things.

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