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  • Wearing a Wedding Ring as an Engagement Ring
  • Post author
    Alok Kumar Collaborator

Wearing a Wedding Ring as an Engagement Ring

Wearing a Wedding Ring as an Engagement Ring

Are you the one who wants to wear a wedding ring as an engagement ring? Thoughtful yet baffled to learn more about it? We at Rings By Pristine are always on our toes to research the answers to the top questions that are floating in your mind. We have conducted thorough research on all the aspects surrounding this topic.

Let us explore the possibilities of wearing a wedding ring as an engagement ring and the history behind it. However, it should be noted that wearing a wedding ring as an engagement ring is a matter of personal choice. You can consider wearing the jewelry in a way that comforts you.

How Do You Wear a Wedding Band and Engagement Ring?

Wear a Wedding Band and Engagement Ring

Ways to wear the most cherished pieces of jewelry for a lifetime need a little research. We present to you a few logical ways to wear these rings.

Flaunt It in the Traditional Way

The traditional way of wearing the engagement ring is wearing it on the left-hand ring finger. The closest to the hand will be the engagement ring and then you can wear a matching stackable wedding band on the same finger.

This is a classic and traditional way to wear them, allowing the engagement ring to be closer to your heart. Also, the sequence of the events and the commitment value of the engagement ring are considered special traditionally.

Wearing Both The Rings Separately

The engagement ring and the wedding ring both are important but there exists a major difference between them. The difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring can make you think of wearing both rings separately.

Some people choose to wear their engagement ring on one hand and their wedding band on the other. This can be a practical option if the rings don't sit comfortably together or if you want to showcase each ring individually.

To avoid such a style of wearing you can order a custom matching wedding band.

Custom Fitting

Choosing to wear a wedding band as an engagement ring is possible although there is a creative way to club both the rings together. Some wedding bands are designed to fit around the engagement ring, creating a unified and seamless look.

Buy a "wedding set"  of the ring, and create an artistic look.  If your rings are designed this way, they can be worn together without any gaps between them. 

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Ever Heard Of The Activity Band?

Ever Heard Of The Activity Band

What is an activity band?  In 2014 “Rings By Pristine” created the First and Original Activity Band which is an 8mm wide, rounded, classic fit steel wedding band with a brushed finish that looks like a platinum wedding band. The ring is extremely durable and FREE with every wedding ring purchase.

Use this activity band and create a beautiful design by wearing it between the two rings you own.

The good news is When we would make a gold ring, platinum ring, or a diamond gentleman’s wedding band we gave an Activity Band for free with every purchase to be worn during activities that could damage the handmade wedding ring.

We decided it should not be for just gold bands, platinum bands, or diamond men's wedding bands, it should be given for Free for all “Rings By Pristine” men's bands and ladies' bands of any kind.

The rest is history as they say. So with your purchase, you will get a Free Steel Activity Band to wear to the gym, yard work, hang gliding, parachuting, kayaking, or any other adventurous activity you may engage in that could damage your handmade wedding bands. That is what a “Rings By Pristine” Activity Band is. If the rings don't fit together perfectly or if you want to prevent them from rubbing against each other, you can use ring guards. These are small bands that fit between the rings to keep them in place and prevent damage.

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Wearing a wedding ring as an engagement ring is a personal decision. There are many varieties of engagement rings for females and males but the nontraditional ring styles are trending. You can derive more information by checking out the difference between engagement rings vs wedding bands.

We have provided a piece of elaborate information about how to wear an engagement and wedding band in various styles.

We sell a variety of rings: Tungsten Wedding Rings, and men's Meteorite rings Ultimately, there's no right or wrong way to wear your wedding band and engagement ring. It's a personal choice, and you should do whatever feels most comfortable and meaningful to you.

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to know more about tips on wedding rings and engagement rings.

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  • Post author
    Alok Kumar Collaborator