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  • Tungsten Rings Pros, Cons, Facts and Myths
  • Post author
    Alok Kumar Collaborator

Tungsten Rings Pros, Cons, Facts and Myths

Tungsten Rings Pros, Cons, Facts and Myths

The tungsten men's wedding bands are becoming increasingly popular due to the elegance and luxury they display. These tungsten rings are made up of tungsten metal which has been used for decades in various fixtures for its temperature-withstanding capacity. Tungsten metal rings are best as they do not get affected due to the changing weather.

The rings of tungsten are usually made up of tungsten carbide which is a compound formed between carbon and tungsten to give it more hardness and sturdiness. So if the question is about making a ring, tungsten carbide vs tungsten, we choose tungsten carbide. This unique metal is used for creating one-of-a-kind silver tungsten rings, a black tungsten rings for both men and women.

Let us know more about the tungsten rings starting off with its Pros And Cons

Pros And Cons


  • The carbon fiber wedding band's pros and cons are easy to enlist. The tungsten carbide material is highly scratch-proof and can look fresh for decades irrespective of your lifestyle.
  • Price effective and have a good feeling on wearing it. The weight feels as good as any silver or gold metal ring
  • The rings when made of tungsten carbide usually bear a smooth finish and hence easy to remove as compared to any other ring metals.
  • Tungsten does not bend out of shape due to its hardness, so in an accident, the ring is known for its hardness. Do not expect any wear and tear to this ring in any kind of unexpected hit on this ring.
  • It is a boon to people who have existing metal allergies to silver gold or platinum as this metal is hypoallergenic in nature.
  • The color bears a natural grey, silver, or dark grey-black color that never fades hence no maintenance calls for this spring are expected.
  • This metal is perfect for carving out meaningful rings for you that might hold the grains of meteorite, opal, fossils, or likewise.

For example- Check out this beautiful tungsten ring by us;

Black Hammered Tungsten Dinosaur Bone and Meteorite Men's Wedding Band 8MM

This highly comfortable men’s wedding ring is 8mm black hammered tungsten and features a unique composition of dinosaur bone and meteorite. It forms a magical and durable design that is irresistible. It is designed in a tough metal like tungsten which can last for a lifetime. The unique appearance of the meteorite and dinosaur bone creates a band that will last through your marriage and beyond. If you are a fan of all things galactic and earthy this ring is the best option for you


On buying rings from Rings By Pristine there is no significant Con with the tungsten rings. We sell and manufacture 100% handmade and eco-friendly rings that are just perfect in every way. Moreover, is tungsten a good ring material? Yes, it is!

The rings are best in texture, feel, and luxury and come within 5 Star Pristine Promise. All the elements that our rings hold are carefully selected by our labor team and carved intricately by the team of artisans. These rings are meant to be the best rings that last your lifetime.

Buying these rings can only leave you with a big smile on your face as we are known for providing the best assistance with shopping and warranty of the rings.

Check out this tungsten bestseller that comes with a lifetime warranty attractive packaging and complimentary gifts,

Sandblasted Tungsten Siberian Bog Oak Men's Wedding Band 6MM

This wooden men’s wedding band is Sandblasted Tungsten Siberian Bog Oak 6MM and has been carefully crafted. It provides a beautiful finish that is luxurious and classy. Buy this excellent ring for your weddings and special occasions. The band displays sandblasted tungsten and Siberian bog oak, this 6mm ring is designed to last for many years to come.


Let us now bust those myths about tungsten like why is tungsten so expensive?

These rings are not at all expensive when compared to those princess-cut diamonds and gold platinum wedding bands available in the market. Do not believe us?

Check out these beautiful stunners at attractive prices now!

Black Tungsten Ring Passion Silver Men's Wedding Band 8mm

This ring is a total stunner! It gives you the best comfort and luxury fee when you wear it. Highly recommended affordable option that can be a head turner and spellbinder for everyone at a glance. The black tungsten ring never fades as its natural color is black also it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Another myth is tungsten carbide rings are made up of 100% tungsten metal.

Making a ring that is solely a tungsten carbide is not possible in fact that’s where Rings By Pristine uses the meaningful elements for an inlay. These rings are never solely tungsten, instead bear beautiful rainbow-like opal, whisky barrel wood, koa wood, and antler, and likewise to make it special for you.


Now that you have your myths busted and know about all the facts, tungsten ring pros, and cons we would suggest you visit our site and buy a tungsten ring for yourself. There exists a wide range of 100% unique designs for all your special occasions be it the engagement or wedding couple rings. You will have no more questions about whether tungsten rings are good, or how beautiful tungsten carbide jewelry is. We believe in making your ring a dream come true, buy it now and stay amazed at every glance of it.
  • Post author
    Alok Kumar Collaborator