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  • Promise Ring vs Engagement Ring - What's The Difference?
  • Post author
    Alok Kumar Collaborator

Promise Ring vs Engagement Ring - What's The Difference?

Promise rings vs engagement rings is one of the most baffling comparisons for ring buyers. Many of us often miss out on learning about the difference between distinctive rings. Avoid missing an opportunity to buy the best-suited ring by reading this piece of information. Promise rings and engagement rings both have individual messages to convey to the wearer.

Gifting the promise rings may mean totally different than gifting an engagement ring. Promise rings can be a way to display the affection and strong bond between the parents and the children. On the contrary, engagement rings are confined to the fulfillment of your commitment toward your lover.

Promise Rings Vs Engagement Rings

Promise Rings Vs Engagement Rings

What Is The Difference Between Engagement Rings and Promise Rings? Let us classify the two types of rings based on the crucial parameters.

What is a promise ring and what does it mean? What is the purpose and history of promise rings?

History And Purpose

Promise rings: Originated in the 16th century in England. The young lovers used these rings to display their love and emotions. These rings were called “posy rings”. They held the engraved messages of love and love poems for the ones they liked.

In today’s contemporary era, the same rings serve the purpose of displaying your liking. Promise rings mark the beginning of dating or the way to show readiness toward starting the relationship.

Engagement rings

Engagement rings

The tradition of engagement rings originated in Roman custom. Back then the engagement rings were worn by the wives. The ring design was unique and had small keys attached to the ring. This key signified belongingness in the relationship. In 1477 the first diamond engagement ring was exchanged in Austria.

In current times, engagement rings are simply a symbol of commitment toward the one you love. Men and women exchange the engagement ring as their formal agreement to get married.


Promise rings are made up of metals like sterling silver, titanium, gold, and stainless steel. They are based on a smaller budget for promising togetherness in the future.

Engagement rings are popularly made up of traditional metals like gold and white gold. However, the modern generation is choosing to opt for meaningful tungsten carbide and titanium rings.

Style And Design

Promise rings are stylish but lightweight. They can be a twisted band or a simple band without any accents on it. Might be a ring with initials or a design depicting the strong bond.

As these rings can be given by parents to children or children to parents, the design may vary. The messages engraved on the ring like “I love mom” are popular.

Engagement rings are designed with a centerpiece in the middle. This centerpiece diamond or gemstone can be surrounded by smaller diamonds to create a balanced look. These rings are styled as per the budget and preferences. Bigger and beautiful designs can be found in all metals, gemstones, and diamonds to suit the finger.

Finger Placement Of The Ring

Promise rings go on what finger? Promise rings can be worn on the following fingers;

Ring Finger (Left or Right): Some people choose to wear a promise ring on the ring finger of their left hand, similar to the placement of an engagement or wedding ring. However, others may choose the ring finger on their right hand.

Middle Finger: The middle finger is another option, especially if the promise ring is more substantial or if you wish to keep the ring finger reserved for an engagement or wedding ring in the future.

Index Finger: Wearing a promise ring on the index finger is less common. It is a choice for those who prefer it or want to make a unique statement.

Engagement rings can be worn only on the ring finger. This ring signifies the commitment of you and your partner toward each other. No other fingers are used for the placement of the engagement ring. The exclusive vena amoris is the place where the engagement ring rests.

Promise, engagement, and wedding rings all have one thing in common and that is “emotion and sentiments”. Buying any type of ring demands an understanding of your partner’s or gift receiver’s preferences for ring metal and design. Make it a point to learn about the choice of rings before the ring is bought.

The most popular design for promise rings is;

Silver Tungsten Ring - Pristine Rose

The Pristine Passion Band anodized interior band has been anodized using a process very similar to Apple products that gives it a brilliant Rose Color.

Tungsten’s strength is unmatched by any other metal, It is about four times harder than Titanium and 10 times harder than Gold.

The Most Popular Engagement Ring is;

The Pristine opal & Koa wood Inlay has been hand cut, shaped, and smoothed by hand then a clear epoxy is applied to protect the natural material and to bring out the rich unique colors and incredible grain of the wood and amazing play of colors, sheen and luster of the abalone shell. Each ring is truly like looking at a piece of art and no two rings are ever the same each with its own character and look.

Opal Koa Wood's Black Ceramic Ring His And Her Wedding/Engagement Band Set Custom Rings By Pristine

Final Thought

The blog explains the promising ring meaning and the comparison of engagement rings vs promise rings. Now that you have no confusion about what do promise rings represent go, ahead and buy one.

We at “Rings By Pristine” sell the widest range of meaningful inlay rings. These rings are cost-effective, luxurious, and yet uber-attractive. The rings are 100% handmade and are made up of hypoallergenic metals like tungsten carbide, titanium, and black ceramic material. All the wedding, engagement, and promise rings sold by us are one of a kind. The most elegant men's wedding rings for the modern and sleek look lovers is the new trend. Visit us now!

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to know more about promise rings and engagement rings.

  • Post author
    Alok Kumar Collaborator