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  • 8 Reasons Some People Wear Their Wedding Ring On Their Right Hand
  • Post author
    Alok Kumar Collaborator

8 Reasons Some People Wear Their Wedding Ring On Their Right Hand

8 Reasons Some People Wear Their Wedding Ring On Their Right Hand

“Marriage: To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with." - Mark Twain

The closer your wedding gets the more thoughts float in your mind! These thoughts are commonly related to wedding preparations. However, sometimes you might be wondering which hand the wedding ring goes on, right or left.

Every so often you bump into someone wearing the wedding ring on the right hand leaving you skeptical! Why do some people wear their wedding rings on their right hand? Where to wear the wedding ring?

There could be many upfront reasons behind wearing the wedding ring on the right hand! This blog will enlist the most probable reasons to decipher the confusion. Traditionally there are many reasons to wear the ring on the left hand but wearing the ring on the right hand can be a very personal choice.

Tradition Behind Wedding Ring

Historically, there are many shreds of evidence of the existence of the wedding ring. The main evidence revolves around Egyptian culture, ancient Egypt. The theories have explained that the wedding ring and the hand on which it goes were chosen centuries ago.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the first time wedding rings were used in ancient Egypt was in 3100 BCE? The rings were exchanged as a token of love. The circular shape signified the unending eternal bond between the couple.

Many of our forefathers also used the reeds, grasses, and likewise to wear in the form of rings. 

The 8 Reasons Some People Wear Their Wedding  Ring On Their Right Hand

Left Hand Dominant

Are you left-handed? Usually, the left-hand dominant individual with professional art, or physical labor may wear rings on the right hand. Wearing it on the dominant hand may cause restrictions in the work, hence the right hand!

Apparently, the maximum population is right-hand dominant, therefore wearing the wedding ring on the left is convenient for almost everybody.

Cultural Reasons

Cultures play a pivotal role in deciding where to put your wedding ring. There are Western countries that hold a tradition of wearing the ring on the left hand. On the contrary,  countries like Greece, Ukraine, and many others believe in wearing the wedding ring on the right hand.


There have been various ways to symbolize your sexuality. Similarly, the gay community believes in wearing their wedding rings on the right hand. Occasionally the ring on the right hand isn't the wedding ring but a heirloom representing the memories.

Many people wear the rings of their parents and grandparents on their right hand!

One Ring for Marriage Ad Engagement

Some people believe in merging rings from both occasions. They prefer wearing the engagement ring on the right hand and later merge it with a wedding ring on the left hand.

Are They Cheating?

Sometimes there can be unfair reasons like cheating. People who want to hide their marital status may switch the ring to the right hand. This way they can signal others about their availability.

Maybe It’s Not A Wedding Ring

It's not always the wedding ring on the right hand. It can be a ring used as an accessory! Some people love wearing rings and hence they wear them on their right-hand fingers. Whilst some may wear it for sentimental reasons.

Financial Status

You might be new to the fact that some women buy the ring for themselves on the engagement, they wear it on the right hand. This is mostly a mutual decision between the partner to avoid the partner’s expenditure! Sometimes it also represents a woman’s financial independence.

A Few Uncommon Reasons

These reasons could be all the possible reasons like having injuries on the left-hand ring finger or just the habit of switching rings from one hand to the other. These reasons are numerous.

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Wondering which hand engagement ring for females is common? The same clauses can be applied to both males and females. The blog has a brief description of the reasons behind the ring on the right hand. Choosing to wear your wedding band on the right hand is absolutely a matter of personal choice!

You and your partner can mutually decide on the ring finger and type of wedding ring you want. There are a variety of Unique men's Wedding Bands available on our site!

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to know more about tips on wedding rings/bands.

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  • Post author
    Alok Kumar Collaborator