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  • 7 Things You Didn't Know About Titanium And Tungsten Wedding Bands
  • Post author
    Alok Kumar Collaborator

7 Things You Didn't Know About Titanium And Tungsten Wedding Bands

7 Things You Didn't Know About Titanium And Tungsten Wedding Bands

Enthusiastic about exploring the eccentric variety of wedding bands? Eager to know details about the titanium and tungsten wedding bands? Follow through this blog to understand 7 things about wedding bands in titanium and tungsten wedding bands here. Before deciding on buying a wedding ring that is so distinctive and unique, a little research is essential.

Buying a wedding ring is not a piece of cake! The formula for a perfect wedding ring is a lot of money + effort. There are many options of traditional rings available in the market. You can simply go for something orthodox and traditional or buy unique and rare wedding bands made of nontraditional elements.

1. Tungsten And Titanium Rings For Men And Women

You might be aware of tungsten male wedding bands being famous among men but Tungsten wedding rings and titanium wedding bands are famous among women too. You can buy matching rings and look outstanding on your wedding day.

If you don't believe us, check out this exquisite women’s tungsten ring option;

Crushed Turquoise Grey Tungsten Women's Wedding Band 4MM

Crushed Turquoise Grey Tungsten Women's Wedding Band 4MM

This turquoise grey tungsten women's wedding band is the perfect union of timeless style and modern durability. The crushed turquoise grey tungsten material offers an elegant look, while being four times harder than titanium, ensuring that it will last for many anniversaries to come.

The Crushed Turquoise Grey Tungsten Women's Wedding Band 4MM is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

2. It Is Never 100%  Tungsten Or Titanium

Tungsten wedding bands are made of tungsten carbide. It is an alloy formed between tungsten and carbon to utilize metal as jewelry. Similarly, titanium is also used in the form of an alloy. This alloy is formed between aluminum and titanium.

Therefore, the purity of the metal ranges between 50%-70%

3. Affordable, Not Thrifty

These wedding tungsten bands and titanium engagement rings are indeed affordable but they aren't thrifty. These rings are unique and rare, also 100% handmade! The beautiful and meaningful inlays in these rings are not cheap. These rings are definitely cheaper than the traditional precious metal rings but are not bad in quality.

4. Can’t Be Resized

Yes, you read it right these wedding bands can't be resized. Always make it a point to check your size before buying any titanium rings.

If you are buying a titanium ring from anyone in the market you must talk about resizing first or you can simply buy it from us.

We offer the exchanges and sizing assistance just for you. Our rings are not only made up of titanium but also hold meaningful elements like meteorites, Koa wood, and lots more, check out now.

5. They Don’t Shine?

Do you think they don't shine like gold and silver? The rings sold by us are lustrous and shiny. Also, it is a very good option for individuals who like matte as we have matte finish rings as well.

The matte finish can look very unique and eye-catching to anyone at first sight. It won't catch the light and sparkle like a gold or silver band but it is sure to amaze everyone for its uniqueness.

It might be challenging to put those diamonds in the tungsten and titanium rings but they have been made in a very unique way by us. You can get a wide variety of designs and gems or other inlays on your titanium ring.

Buy the elegant and alluring tungsten wedding band sets;

Opal Koa Wood's Black Ceramic Ring His And Her Wedding Band Set Custom Rings By Pristine

Opal Koa Wood's Black Ceramic Ring His And Her Wedding Band Set Custom Rings By Pristine

The Pristine opal & Koa wood Inlay has been hand cut, shaped, and smoothed hand then a clear epoxy is applied to protect the natural material and to bring out the rich unique colors and incredible grain of the wood and amazing play of colors, sheen and luster of the abalone shell. Each ring is truly like looking at a piece of art and no two rings are ever the same each with its own character and look.

6. Hypoallergenic And Strong

Are you allergic to metals? Do you resist buying gold, silver, and platinum for the allergic reason? These rings are totally hypoallergenic in nature. Tungsten carbide rings sold by us are not allergic. They can be worn by anybody with sensitive skin who has any kind of lifestyle. These rings are delicate and made with love to showcase your luxurious taste of material. Choose the best hypoallergenic ring that is strong and lasts for a lifetime. Get the matching sets for both of you at your wedding.

7. 24*7 Comfort

Being comfortable and stylish at the same time is a rare combination to look for. Choose the wedding band as per your comfort as you will be wearing this ring 24*7. Do not choose anything that’s not for a lifetime.

The ring style should complement your lifestyle 100%. Simply go for comfort tungsten wedding bands for men instead of too fancy, and loaded with accents.

Final Thought

Titanium and tungsten rings have pros and cons just like any other wedding bands. The number of benefits and pros are more than the cons. We have zeroed down all the information that can help you know wedding/engagement ring titanium and men’s wedding band tungsten better.

Keep this blog handy and choose the best from our latest collection of tungsten men's wedding bands or titanium rings.

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to know more about tungsten rings and titanium rings.

  • Post author
    Alok Kumar Collaborator